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                                         PORTRAIT TIPS for TRADITIONAL FAMILY PORTRAITS...                   Here are a few tips to assist you in achieving that perfect portrait you’ll love forever: 1. Keep clothing simple.  Remember to bring a comb/brush for quick touch ups. 2. Solid colors are best.  Avoid bold patterns and bright colors. 3. Long sleeves are always better than short sleeves. 4. Coordinate your outfits from head to toe on each family member being photographed. 5. Choose right shoes and stockings. 6. Dress the entire family in the same style clothing. 7. Light colors/pastels are best for light backgrounds and fair complexions. 8. Darker colors are better with deep backgrounds, dark hair, and dark complexions. 9. Do not mix light and darks.  Keep the color range the same. 10. Relax, have fun, bring your smiles, and have a lot of ideas of what you’d like your portrait to be.         **Creating the perfect portrait takes planning...make sure you’re ready and don’t wait until the last minute to prepare!